Life of Mansur Al- Hallaj - Seerat-e-Mansur Hallaj by Shaykh Zafar Ahmad Usmani R.A - Urdu Book about Mansur Hallaj's Biography and Life

on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The most controversial figure in the history of Islamic mysticism, Abu ‘l-Moghith al-Hussain ibn Mansur al-Hallaj was born C. 244 (858) near al-Baiza’ in the province of Fars. He travelled very widely, first to Tostar and Baghdad, then to Mecca, and afterwards to Khuzestan, Khorasan, Transoxiana, Sistan, India and Turkestan. Eventually he returned to Baghdad, where his bold preaching of union with God caused him to be arrested on a charge of incarnationism.He was condemned to death and cruelly executed on 29 Dhu ‘l-Qa’da 309 (28 March 9I3). Author of a number of books and a considerable volume of poetry, he passed into Muslim legend as the prototype of the intoxicated lover of God.

Seerat-e-Mansur Hallaj by Shaykh Zafar Ahmad Usmani R.A

Life of Mansur Al-Hallaj's - Biography Book Urdu

Seerat-e-Mansur Hallaj is an urdu book about Mansur Hallaj's Biography and Life. This book is written by Maulana Shaykh Zafar Ahmad Usmani. This book explains the true feelings of Love and Respect of Most Popular Sufi's for the Mansur Hallaj. This book also included Maulana Rumi's point of view about Mansur Hallaj.


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